I’m moving in circles
Long time before I found out I wanted to make jewelry, I once spent several weeks carving a wooden ball completely round. That made people laugh around me. What a waste of time ! And I couldn’t come up with any meaningful argumentation either, as to why this was so important to me, to spend all that time carving a piece of worthless wood completely round. I could buy a perfectly round copy for 12,95 danish crowns in any Hobby shop. I comforted myself thinking that Emil from Lønneberg also spend a lot of time carving wood.

Now it is 20 years ago that I sat and carved that wooden ball and I still have it. Many times I have been close to throwing it away, but then nevertheless it got buried in some box, and it has moved along with me, it has reappeared again and again, then was stowed away in some drawer.. Yes, it seems it has refused to get lost.

It is now 18 years ago that I started designing and making jewelry and I have kept on making balls and circles. I just can’t help it … Maybe because a circle is a whole, is complete, and in this way contains everything.